E-Commerce Transactions (E-Com)

The growth of global e-commerce is mind-boggling. In 2017 it reached around $2.3 trillion and is expected to hit $4.5 trillion in 2021 (according to a Statistical report). In the US alone, e-commerce represents almost 10 percent of retail sales — a figure that is growing by nearly 15 percent each year.

As much as 11 percent of online shoppers now shop online via their smart phone on a weekly basis, and 35 percent say it will become their main purchasing tool. Around 39 percent of online shoppers use social networks to get inspiration for purchases.

E-commerce continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and we need to keep up with the latest online shopping trends to continue to boost our clients’ sales and stay ahead of the competition.

  • The customer can avail facility for Online payments using Debit Card as “Card Not Present” transactions.
  • Card holder does not or cannot physically present the card for Merchant’s visual ex- amination.
  • You can perform online commerce and cashless payments in India
  • You need to register card details and Mobile No with Bank
  • Authentication (like OTP or email) is provided as a part of security.

Pre-caution while performing Debit Card transactions.

  • Never share your card number, expiry date, CVV, PIN, OTP, Password, Account Name with anyone.
  • TUCB bank never asks for such details