Other Loans

Pigmy deposit loan

Loan against the security of Pigmy Deposit are provided for better convenience to the customers due to their day-to-day transactions.

Applicant details:

  • Individuals
  • Two or More individuals in their joint names
  • Minors represented by the natural guardians
  • Proprietary
  • concerns/ partnership firms

Terms and Conditions

  • Loans upto a maximum of 75% of the balance in the Pigmy account available.
  • No processing charges
  • Interest to be paid between 1 years.

Salary Recovery Loan

Loan against Salary Per Salary cetificate Rs. 25000/- subject to a maximum of two i.e, 50000/-

Applicant details:

  • Opening of saving a/c
  • Preparation of Loan Application form
  • Two Guaranteers.
  • Salary sheet, Income tax form, balance sheet
  • Mortgage of vehicle, R.C. T.C. book
  • No dues of the other banks.

Long Term Loan

  • Maximum 50 Lakhs
  • 100 Months

Short Term Loan

  • Maximum 2 Lakhs
  • 25 Months